Customer Appreciation Letter

customer appreciation letter | letter of appreciation

Customer Appreciation Letter

From; Steven Hill

224 National park road



The management of Citraindo company

335 Higland road


I want to take this time to commend two of your employees for customer service that stand out above all others that I have death with.

First one would be Eric Perez. I went to about five pump companies and gave them my phone number and told them that I wished to purchased a pump to for my new well. I told them a constant pressure pump and they advised against it  saying they were too complicated and no one knew how to work them. Simply Eric Perez. agreed with my choice. I have been very pleased with performance of the unit the support he gave me throughout the project.

It is also great to have for customers and business individuals who come to our facility.

Thank you again for your service and we look forward to long relationship.


With Appreciation and many thanks.

Steven Hill

Indocentra strada Ltd.
Director of Marketing division

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