Condolence And Sympathy Letters

Condolonce and Sympathy Letter | condolonce and words of sympathyCondolence And Sympathy Letters: Letters of condolence are among the most difficult of all letters to write. There can be no set pattern since so much depends on the writer’s relationship with the person he is writing to and how well he knows him. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that such letters should usually be short and written with restraint, for this is no time to engage in many words. The important thing is to write promptly and with sincerity. Letters of this kind should not be typed but handwritten throughout to show the writer’s special consideration for his reader.

Write your letter immediately you learn the news. Say what you sincerely feel and express your sympathy in simple words that are warm and convincing.

Sample Letter of condolence to a customer

Dear Mr Kerr,

I have just learned with deep regret of the death of your wife.
There is not much one can say at a time such as this, but those of us at Simpsons who have dealt with you would like you to know that you have our sincere sympathy in your
Please Count us among those who share your sorrow at this sad time.

Yours sincerely,

Brenda Johnson

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