Complaint Response Letter

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Complaint Response Letter

When you write a complaint response letter you need to be clam and you need to investigate before you reach a solutions or final conclusion. To reach a final conclusion you may take a time or process.  

Sample complaint response letter:

I was most concerned to receive your letter dated _____________ regarding__________
Respond to each issue raised in this part of your letter…

Apologize when appropriate…
Show empathy – I appreciate how frustrating…

Emphasize what you have done or can do…

The company aims to consistently deliver a professional service to our customers and I would like to state that on this occasion the level of service you received was  unacceptable.


Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention and that you will have no further cause for any complaint in relation to our service.

I apologize for the annoyance that this may have caused to you. The company is actively working to improve service levels and your feedback has proved to be invaluable.


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