Church Invitation Letter

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Recently many pastors try hard with where to spend their limited advertising budgets. They wonder and experiment with different ways to invite people to church.  They invite people to participate any charity program being organized.

Sample Church Invitation Letter


Dear Daniel Kidd,


From the day I was born, I have been a member of this parishioner and I have been baptized in this church. It has been a great privilege for me to be associated with this church and you.


We are having a celebration to conclude the charity program that we have served a month ago in our locality. It was never an easy three weeks. The entire activity was carried out by long hours of work and our dedicated staff helps enough to make the event successful. I want to thank them and your invaluable support and guidance with which the program can be turned into a success.


It will an honor if you could come and poise the occasion with your kind presence. This is an invitation to the members of your staff too. I am looking forward to have your presence as well as presence of your staff members at the event.


Thank you
Michael Ballack

People who want to look for a good church invitation letter. This letter can be as a good sample and  recommendation letter sample for church invitation. 


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