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Free Transfer Letter

Free Transfer Letter Gabriel Kross Darwin Emerald 342 London 25 June 2011 Dear Michael Molls, SUBJECT: Your Transfer to Liverpool branch This is to inform you that we have decided to transfer you to our office branch. It is effective July 1 2011. This is because we need a senior staff to mentor our new employees in the branch and we believe that you are the best candidate. The term of your assignment will depend on the development of the trainees’ skills and how soon can the quality assurance department let the trainees work on their own. We will be...

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Job Transfer Letter

Job Transfer Letter   15 June 2010 Thomas Anderson Highbury park land 334 London Subject: Job transfer letter Dear Mr Kelly Petterson, I am writing to you at head office to request a job transfer, my current position as accounting staff. I wish to relocate to the District of colombus area. In order to be nearer to my family, and I am informed that you are short staffed in the said area. I would therefore appreciate an job transfer, to a position of equal standing. Please consider my application carefully, as I feel that I would also like to transfer...

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Transfer Letter Sample

Transfer Letter Sample   Sender and address of person who is being transferred Date: Subject: Your transfer to our Liverpool branch Dear Ms/Mr ___________ You have been an asset to the organization ever since you joined us on ________ (date of joining). Your efforts in helping increase marketing or to improve your team have always been commendable. You might be aware that our Liverpool branch in-charge is due to leave the organization on _________ (when you left the organization). According to your performance at our office branch, the management has transferred you to our Liverpool  branch with effect from ____________...