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Quotation letter writing Sample

Quotation letter writing sample   21st April 2010 Dear Sirs Replying to your enquiry of 18th April for a further supply of our crockery, we are pleased to quote as follows: Conway Spot jGreen), gilt rims: Teacups.. . .. …. . …….. … . . £35.00 per hundred Tea Saucers……………….L28.50 “ Tea Plates………………..t28.50 “ Teapots, l—litre………….. £1.75 each These prices include packing and delivery, but crates are charged for, with an allowance for their return in good condition. We can deliver from stock and will allow you a discount of 5%, but only on items ordered in quantities of 100...

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Reply letter for quotation

Reply letter for quotation The following reply by the seller is equally business-like. You will notice that it is sent promptly—on the day the enquiry is received. The seller’s guarantee is a strong selling-point. Reply quotation letter 4th June 2010 Dear Sirs We thank you for your enquiry of yesterday and, as requested, enclose sales of different qualities of paper suitable for poster work and quote as follows: A1 quality Printing Paper, white 95p per kg A2      do                                     90p per kg A3      do                                     85p per kg These prices include delivery at your works. All these papers are of good...

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Quotations letter writing

Quotations letter writing- A quotation is not an “offer” in the legal sense that it is a promise to supply goods on the terms stated. If, therefore, a seller quotes and later decides not to sell, the buyer has no legal remedy. But in practice a supplier will not risk his reputation by quoting for goods he cannot or does not intend to supply.


Rejection Quotations Letter

Rejection quotations letter When a buyer rejects a quotation or other offer, he should write and thank the seller for his trouble and explain the reason for rejection. Not to do so would show a lack of courtesy. The letter of rejection should cover the following points. It should: (i) thank the seller for his offer, (ii) express regret at inability to accept, (iii) state reasons for non-acceptance, (iv) make a counter-offer’9 if, in the circumstances, it is appropriate (v) suggest that there may be other opportunities to do business together. The following are example of suitable rejection letters. a)....