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Sample Loan Application Letter

Loan application letter From: Nancy Baker Toronto-334900 Phone: (817) 6782255 Canada Marantha Advertising  Ltd Phone: (889) 7822300 No.2254/Loan/BBCH/1 25th March, 2011 To: Luis Harmann The Loan manager Division BTHC Bank, Ottawa-334591 Canada Dear Sir, Sub: Request for grant of fund loan. Ref:  Your Prospectus dated January, 2010. I am writing to convey an application for the loanthat for purposing in taking from your bank. I have been a loyal customer of your bank for years. I am planning to build a house, therefore I need a fund loan from your bank. I have fulfilled terms and conditions for the fund...

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Effective Follow up Letters

Follow up letters When a buyer has asked for a quotation but does not place an order or even acknowledge the quotation, it is natural for the seller to wonder why. If he is “alive” he will not allow matters to rest there, but will arrange for his representative to call, or send a “follow-up” letter if the enquiry is from a distance.

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Contractor’s letter enclosing tender

Contractor’s letter enclosing tender 28th June 2010 Confidential Clerk to the Council County Hall Manila PR1 2RL Dear Sir Tender for Furnace Coke Having read the terms and conditions in the official form supplied by you, I enclose my tender for the supply of coke’ to the Bamford power station during 2010 and shall be glad to learn that it has been accepted. Yours faithfully   Daniel Smith

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Customer’s confirmation of visit

Customer’s confirmation of visit 5th January 2010 Dear Sirs Thank you for replying so promptly to our enquiry for light—weight extinguishers and also for your offer to arrange a demonstration. Our general manager and our office manager will both be able to meet Mr Burton at any time during the morning or afternoon of Friday, 12th January. It would be helpful if Mr Burton would write or phone to say at what time we may expect him. Yours faithfully Simon Webb

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Supplier’s Letter offer of visit

Supplier’s letter offer of visit 3rd January 2010 Dear Sirs We thank you for your enquiry of yesterday expressing interest in our range of fire extinguishers. Our “Junior Model ” appears to be just the type of extinguisher you are looking for. It is small, weighs only 3 kg and is very simple to operate. We also have other light—weight models. If you wish, we will gladly arrange for a demonstration at your offices. Our Mr Burton will be visiting a number of our customers in the Bristol area during next week and if you will suggest a day and...

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Customer writes returning surplus

Customer writes returning surplus   4th April 2010 Dear Sirs A fortnight ago you were good enough to send me a selection of waterproof garments on approval. Quality and prices are both satisfactory and I have arranged to keep the items listed in the attached statement, amounting to a total of £292. I wish to thank you for the prompt and considerate way in which you have handled this transaction and enclose a cheque in settlement. Yours faithfully Nick Anderson