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Seller disallows discount deduction

Dear Sirs We thank you for your letter of yesterday and your cheque for £292.50, which you sent in full settlement of our May statement. We regret that we cannot accept this payment as a full discharge of the £300 due on our statement. The terms of payment allow the 2,5% cash discount only on accounts paid within ten days of statement, whereas your present payment is re than a nth overdue. The balance still owing is £7.50 and to save you the trouble of making a separate payment we are agreeable to your including this amount in your next...

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Statements of account

Statements of account A statement is a summary of the transactions bet. ween buyer and seller during the period it covers. It starts with the balance, if any, owing at the beginning of the period, to which are added the amounts of invoices and debit notes issued and from which are deducted the amounts of any credit notes issued to the buyer and any payments made by him. The closing balance shows the amount owing at the date of the statement which, unlike an invoice, is a demand for payment. Statements, like invoices, are frequently sent without a covering letter,...

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Seller reports underpaid statement

Seller reports underpaid statement 15th October 2010 Dear Sir With this letter we are enclosing our September statement totaling £820.57. The opening balance brought forward is the amount left uncovered by the cheque received from you against the August statement, which totaled £560.27. The cheque received from you, however, was drawn for £500.27 only leaving the unpaid balance of £60 now brought forward We should appreciate early settlement of the total an now due. Yours faithfully

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Dismissal Letter Sample

Dismissal Letter Sample From: Henry Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Victory Industries, 2245 London, NK 5578 To: Mr. Frank Kidd, Accounting Officer, Transport Unit, Victory Industries, 2245 London, NK 5578 20th June 2009. Dear Mr. Frank Kidd, SUMMARY: DISMISSAL LETTER On behalf of the board and management of Victory Industries, I wish to inform you that you have been dismissed from your position as a Accounting Officer with the organization. Henceforth, you cease to be a worker for Victory Industries and you are expected to hand over all the company’s property and effects in your possession. However, it will not be...

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Formal Proposal Letter

Formal Proposal Letter From: Darren Smith General Manager Indo Citra Corporation 288 Gazebo Street Singapore, 2208 To: Paul Ince General Manager Baskin and Robins Company 2245 A. Yani Street Green park, Singapore March 14, 2009 Ref: Proposal for an annual companies gathering Dear Mr. Ince, We would like to invite you to join  our an annual companies gathering this March 23, 2009. We know that your company is one of our loyal partner for long time therefore we invite you to visit this event This event will be held for 3 days, the first day is welcome and introduction activities...

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Complaints Concerning The Goods

Complaints Concerning The Goods It is the duty of the supplier to deliver goods of the kind and quality ordered. If he fails in this, you are entitled to return the unsuitable goods at the seller’s expense. You would of course inform him of your intention to return the goods. Complaint concerning wrong goods 18th August 2010 Dear Sirs On 12th August 1 ordered twelve copies of Background of Music by H Lowry at the published price of £1.25 each, less 33Z trade discount. On opening the parcel received this morning I found that it contained twelve copies of History...

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Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Sponsorship Proposal Letter   John Nicholas Royal finance Ltd 223 Hamilton Street London, 443 March 16th 2009 Dear Mr. Nicholas We are glad to inform you to be one of our sponsors for upcoming special event with this proposal letter. One Week Services is hosting a fundraising event for the underprivileged students in this school, and we would like royal finance’s participation in this charitable event. Other sponsors are coming in through our NGO to make sure this event run successful. We plan to improve charity funds to feed more than 150 underprivileged students. This event usually is held every...

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Report of damage in transit

Report of damage in transit   Dear Sirs Order No S 524 We regret to inform you that of the four cases of mohair rugs which you dispatched on 28th January one was delivered damaged. The waterproof lining was badly torn and it will be necessary to send seven of the rugs for cleaning before we can offer them for sale. Will you therefore please arrange to send replacements immediately and charge to our account. As the rugs were bought on ex works terms, we realize the responsibility for damage is ours and have already taken up the matter of...

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Free Notification Letter

Free Notification letter Dear Sir, Please note that the 25 raincoats you ordered on 15th Sept ember will be dispatched tomorrow by rail to Manchester for shipment by s.s.Manchester Trader, which leaves for Montreal on October 28th. We enclose our invoice and shall present shipping documents and our draft21 for acceptance through the Royal Bank of Canada, as agreed. We assure you that any further orders you may place with us will always be carefully attended to. Yours faithfully Mark Viduka

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Advice Letter of goods ready for dispatch

Advice letter of goods ready for dispatch   Dear Sir, We are pleased to confirm that all the books which you ordered on 3rd April have now been obtained and are packed ready for dispatch. The consignment awaits collection at our warehouse and consists of two cases, each weighing about 100 kg. Arrangements for shipment, c.i.f. Singapore, have already been made with W Watson & Co Ltd, our forwarding agents. and as soon as we receive their statement of charges, we will arrange for shipping documents to be sent to you through Barclays Bank against our draft for acceptance, as...