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Telex Release Requisition Form

Telex Release Requisition Form Letter Head of Shipper Telex release Requisition Form To: destination Re: Vessel/Voyage: ____ _________________ Name of Shipper Name of Consignee: ________________________________ B!L No.: ___________________________________________insert identification numbers, date and place of issue Container No.: Loading Port: ________ _________Place of Delivery: _______________________ Goods: _________________________________ We hereby request, in consideration for you accepting the surrender of the attached full set of properly endorsed, original bills of lading, that you release the subject cargo to above-mentioned consignee without the presentation of any original Bill of Lading. Attached please find the full set (I) original Bill of Lading which being duly...

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Export Procedure and Documentation

Export procedure and documentation  When the goods ordered have been collected ready for dispatch, the exporter proceeds as follows. (I) He arranges for them to be suitably packed (sometimes by a packing and forwarding agent), notifies the shipping company of their size and weight and obtains the rate for freight, i.e. the charge for transport. (ii) He arranges with the shipping company (or forwarding agent) for the goods to be sent by a named ship sailing from a convenient port at a convenient time. (iii) He arranges with a road haulage firm for transport to the docks. (iv) He asks...

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Foreign Correspondence

Foreign Correspondence – Although exporters sometimes deal direct with foreign buyers, the more usual practice is for transactions to take place through agents of various kinds. For example: