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Sample Referral letter

Sample Referral letter June 24, 2009 Lary Bird Director Vaganza Medical Center Highbury, London Dear Mr. Bird, I have known Mrs. Brenda Smith for over 4 years while she was working as accounting manager in Juve Medical National Center for various capacities. I have been handling Brenda from 2005 to 2010 a role of Senior manager. During her tenure, Brenda is notable for her special skills in leading. She has shown tremendous potential in managing the company. According to my analysis Brenda is trustworthy and she will be an asset in your company if you will hire her. I wish...

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Sample Merger Letter

Sample Merger Letter Dear Mr Thomas Smith, Hi! [Thomas Smith, General Manager – Vaganza advertising company ] and [ Dwi Brianto, General Manager – Martinez advertising ] led by [ Andre cook, General Manger – Transporindo company] have currently signed a formidable three-way partnership expected to catapult a retailer as the premier office supplies in the industry today. This remarkable partnership agreement came to its conclusion after both decide a much anticipated successful restructuring deal. In light of this move, customers should now look more favorably on the new company’s larger scale. Stockholders with questions or who need assistance about...

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Scholarship Letter Samples

Scholarship letter samples To: The Scholarship Selection Committee Grand Best University of Singapore Singapore May 10, 2011 Thank you for considering my application for the Scholarship selection committee. My family and I have had many opportunities for travel across the world, which is where I obtained a broad view of problems afflicting individuals, families and communities. Through volunteering I have worked with refugees, foster children, foster parents and families in contact with protective services agencies. These experiences led me to the field of social work. I am a senior in the social work program If you have any questions I...

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Sample Proposal Letter

Sample Proposal Letter   Felix Smith 1134 Highbury Park Road London, LT 33660 Dear Mr. Smith I am writing to you in conveying a new business corporation,  I have been running over the past six years. After much planning and research, the time has finally come to bring it to market. I have enclosed a detailed information with all the relevant information you will need. I am searching an investment from you for about $150,000. This number can be negotiable, but I think that amount would allow us to get started on the right time. If you have any further...

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Covering letter with order form

Covering letter with order form When a covering letter is sent with an order form, essentiai details will be contained in the form and additional explanations in the covering letter. Sample of Covering letter with order form 7th July 2010 Dear Sirs Your Reference LB/AMB We thank you for your letter of 5th July and enclose our Order No 237 for four of the items. All these items are urgently required by our customer. We therefore hope you will send them immediately. 300 Teacups 300 Tea Saucers 300 Tea Plates 40 Teapots, 1 litre ‘Yours faithfully, Thomas Lund

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Innovative Supplier Letter

Innovative Supplier letter  – One of the most important things a customer looks for is a spirit of friendliness in those with whom he seeks to do business. Here is a letter that is both helpful and friendly. The writer aims to interest his prospective customer, to create in him a feeling of confidence and win his consideration and friendship—and ultimately his custom.

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How to Make Innovative Business Letter Structure?

Business Letter Structure Recently Business letters are nearly always typed. It has long been customary to set it out in the indented style, but now the blocked style has come to be much more widely used than before. because, it is claimed, it saves typing time. Business letters are consists of some principal parts that will be explained as follows:

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Business Letter Writing

Business Letter Writing Business letter writing is the principle means used by a business firm to keep in touch with its customers; often enough it is the only tone and customer form their impression of the firm the tone and quality of letters it send out. 


How to Write Innovative Business Letters?

Writing Business Letter   Definition of Business letters Writing Business letters are intended if you want to find out or search about a specific product or goods in business writing. for example: you order shoes, furniture, or other products for your business purposes. therefore you have to write business letter.