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Letter Appointing Arbitrator

Letter Appointing Arbitrator   Viktor Petrovic & Co LUSAKA Dear Sirs We are having some difficulty with Messrs J Marevna, Lusaka, concerning a consignment of cotton textiles shipped to them last January. They input the quality of the textiles supplied and decline   to pay the account until there has been an investigation. We should be grateful if you would act as arbitrator for us in this matter. You will find details in the enclosed statement. Our main contention is that a comparison between samples and consignment does not show any variation in quality outs ide the permitted limits. We have...

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How To Cancel an Order?

Cancel an order A buyer is legally entitled to cancel his order: (i) at any time before it has been accepted by the seller (see p. 127); (ii) if the goods delivered are of the wrong type or quality (as where they do not conform to sample); (iii) if the goods are not delivered by the stated time (or within a reasonable time if no delivery date has been fixed); (iv) if more, or less, than the quantity ordered is delivered; (v) if the goods arrive damaged (but only where transportation is the seller’s responsibility). Unless the contract provides otherwise,...

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Friendly Letter Format

Friendly Letter Format A friendly letter consists of 5 parts. 1. Heading which includes your street address (line 1), the town or city, state and zip code (line 2) then the date (line 3). 2. Greeting and salutation which begins Dear or Hi_____________, 3. Body of the letter  which contains your thoughts and ideas. 4. Closing usually ends which looks like this:           Yours truly,           Your friend,           Love,           Sincerely,           Sincerely yours, 5. Signature: You have to sign this letter at the end of letter writing. you sign in with black or blue ink pen.

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Customer Appreciation Letter

Customer Appreciation Letter From; Steven Hill 224 National park road London. To: The management of Citraindo company 335 Higland road London. I want to take this time to commend two of your employees for customer service that stand out above all others that I have death with. First one would be Eric Perez. I went to about five pump companies and gave them my phone number and told them that I wished to purchased a pump to for my new well. I told them a constant pressure pump and they advised against it  saying they were too complicated and no...

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Business Closing Letter

Business Closing Letter   14 March 2009 Mr Raymond Villa 16 Central Avenue – London Dear Mr Villa, As you might be know, Flanella company is closing down on 23 February 2009 There will be no further orders placed other than those already placed.Over the next 30 days there will be a review of our accounting records and outstanding invoices, if any, shall be paid up. If we haven’t already contacted you to confirm the current balance, then we shall do so as soon as possible and all arrangement shall also be done for the resolution of any outstanding issues....

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Letter to Employer

Letter to Employer   14 June 2008 Mr Alexander Smith Highbury Park 114 – London. Re: unpaid wages Dear Mr Alexander Smith: I am writing in reference to my paycheck. I was hired by your company on 15 March 2006. I was to be paid a rate of $ 15.000. I worked for 12 hours per day, and 72 hours per week. My last day of work was 10 June 2008. I have not received a check for 24 hours. I worked those hours between 20 March – 22 March 2008 – I calculate the amount of wages owed to...

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Job Refusal Letter

Job Refusal Letter   Wednesday, June 16, 2008 John Anderson Indo trading. Ltd Highbury Street Suite 567 London, 85245 Dear Mr Jonathan Williams, I am delighted by your offer to join Vaganza Ltd.  Although I find the position and job duties to be challenging and tailored to my abilities, I have reluctantly decided not to accept the offer as I would prefer to stay in Leeds area. It was a pleasure to meet with you and I thank you for the time you gave me. I wish yourself and Vaganza Ltd. the best in the future. Sincerely, John Anderson

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Shareholder Resolution

Shareholder Resolution Shareholders have the power to ask a resolution that increases an issue with management, and pushing changes in company practice policy. Filing a shareholder resolution also inputs an issue before all shareholders, either in writing during a proxy voting process, or given when verbally at the annual meeting of the corporation that is attended by many of the largest shareholders.

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Cancellation Letter Sample

Cancellation Letter Sample   From: James Williams Professor ELT School Boston – 40089 To: Stephen Dalmat Headmaster Al Azhar School Boston – 75234 I would like to inform you that I decide to cancel my trip to your school next week where I am going to to give a lectures to your students.The school has recently notified me that I will be attending an annual schools committee meeting  next week. as result I can not visit on the date of my scheduled to your school. I made it a point to write you immediately after I found out so that you...

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Employment Letter Sample

Employment Letter Sample   Mr. Jonathan Stewart, Rosboard Street 134, Ontario, Birmingham, E7784, England. Dear Jonathan Stewart, We decided to recruit you as an accounting manager  in our company. We really appreciate you for the skills and qualifications that you have attained. We are publishing this training employment letter so as to intimate your starting date which will be on 23th June. Before start of working, we will be offering you with a training and reward.” Your training will get started at Grand National Building, Birmingham Therefore, Mr. Hazard, the assistant general manager will guide you and will clarify all...