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Proof Of Employment Letter

Proof Of Employment Letter When you work in organization, you need to proof that you are as employee at there. you have to show to your loan provider, insurance company, and so on. so that, your organization has to write this letter for you. It is usually given by manager directly to the person who request such letter and sent to the applicant separately. Here are the following tips will guide and help you in writing such letter.

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Eviction Letter

Eviction Letter The eviction letter is very important and useful to inform the tenant to as soon as possible to leave the apartment or houses. It is published as a warning to tenant because he or she could not pay the rent. By making this letter, it is hoped that if someday there is a problem between tenant and landlord in paying the rent they can take legal action to the courts.  It action is legal way because they have agreed to sign the legal contract. Sample Eviction Letter Indocentra Group 1124 Highland Road Boston, USA Dear Mrs. Linda, I...

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Banking Letter

Banking Letter   Dear Madam, As per bank rules we cannot supply the cheque Book to bearer. Accordingly, we have sent the same through registered post today and we do hope you will receive it tomorrow. Please send us necessary acknowledgments of the same. Yours Sincerely, Manager Vaganza Bank.

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Letter enclosing payment

Letter enclosing payment and acknowledgment Every business has a good deal of correspondence that is purely routine. Letters enclosing or acknowledging payments are of this kind. They often take a standard form suitable for all occasions and are therefore known as “Form letters”.

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Grievance Letter

Grievance Letter Marcelo Pitt Martinez street 234 Madrid April 1, 2012 Thomas Lund Accounting Manager Victory Industries Hamden park 408 London Dear Thomas Lund This letter is to complain about service I recently received from a Victory industries of customer service representative named Michael moore. I called victory industries on March 29  to find out how to deal with a problem I’ve had with Victory industries 21X4 I have just bought. After I had been on hold for several minutes, Michael moore came on the line. I had to explain my problem to him several times because he did not...

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Seller reports underpaid statement

Seller reports underpaid statement 15th October 2010 Dear Sir With this letter we are enclosing our September statement totaling £820.57. The opening balance brought forward is the amount left uncovered by the cheque received from you against the August statement, which totaled £560.27. The cheque received from you, however, was drawn for £500.27 only leaving the unpaid balance of £60 now brought forward We should appreciate early settlement of the total an now due. Yours faithfully

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Debit and Credit Notes

Debit and Credit Notes If the seller has undercharged the buyer, he sends him a debit note for the amount of the undercharge. A debit note is in the nature of a supplementary invoice. If he has overcharged the buyer, the seller sends him a credit note. Credit notes are also issued to buyers when they return either goods (as where the are unsuitable) or packing materials on which there is a rebate. Credit notes are usually printed in red to distinguish them from invoices and debit notes.

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Simple cover letter

Simple cover letter March 20, 2010 Indo Corporindo Ltd 2222 Garden Venue 223 London Dear Mr. Smith: In response to your posting on Vaganza magazine. That is enclosed please find my resume that I am sending in hopes of obtaining the Marketing Manager position. (opening paragraph) My extensive managerial background includes over 4 years of helping businesses increase both their productivity.  I have implemented numerous marketing to increase operational activities. I am confident we would develop a mutually beneficial relationship. (body paragraph) If interested  this opportunity, please contact me at (0334) 557790. I look forward to hearing from you in...

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Invoicing and Settlement of Accounts

Invoicing and Settlement of Accounts Payment of the amount owing for goods supplied or services rendered is the final stage in a business transaction. Transactions in the retail trade are usually for cash; in wholesale and foreign trade it is customary to allow credit. INVOICES AND ADJUSTMENTS When goods are supplied on credit, the seller sends an invoice to the buyer. It serves the following purposes: (I)  it informs the buyer of the amount due; (ii) it enables him to check the goods delivered; (iii) it is the source of entry in his purchases day book. The invoice communicates a...