Business Closing Letter

business closing letter | sample letter closing | closing of businessBusiness Closing Letter


14 March 2009

Mr Raymond Villa

16 Central Avenue – London

Dear Mr Villa,

As you might be know, Flanella company is closing down on 23 February 2009
There will be no further orders placed other than those already placed.Over the next 30 days there will be a review of our accounting records and outstanding invoices, if any, shall be paid up. If we haven’t already contacted you to confirm the current balance, then we shall do so as soon as possible and all arrangement shall also be done for the resolution of any outstanding issues.

We want to say gratitude you for your business and to let you know that you have been a trustworthy and efficient supplier. Business with you has been very nice. Please feel free to call us if you have any clarification or if there is anything we need to do before closing our records with Martinez  before January 4 2009.

Yours Sincerely,

Edward Hanson

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