Letter of Condolence To A Business Associate

Sample Letter of condolonce to business associate Letter of condolence to a business associate. If you knew the person who has died, you may want to include a word of tribute in your message; but otherwise, a simple expression of sympathy, as in the preceding letter, is all that is necessary.

Sample Letter of condolence to a business associate.

Dear Mr Anderson,

We were distressed to read in The Times this morning that your Chairman had died and I am writing at once to express our deep sympathy.

I had the privilege of knowing Sir James for many years and always regarded him as a personal friend. By his untimely passing our industry has lost one of its ablest
leaders. We at Johnsons recall his many kindnesses and it was always a pleasure to do business with him. He will be greatly missed by alt who knew him and had dealings with

Please convey our sympathy to Lady Langley and her family.

Yours very sincerely,

Michael Smith

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